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Redhead teen anal fucked

I have a serious addiction to redheads. I just can't seem to refuse them. They make me weak in the knees every time I look at them. It was no different when I ran into this cute little teen hottie at the grocery store. She is just beautiful and when she spoke to me, I fumbled with my words as if I was 15 again and inexperienced with girls. Then I quickly pulled myself together and spoke with her. She had heard about what I do for a living and she wanted to make her own porn movie. I knew nothing about her, so I told her she needs to prove to me that she has the skill it takes to perform on camera. She was very eager to impress me and offered to come back to my place that afternoon so she could show me first hand the talent and skills she possessed. No way was I going to pass up this offer from such a beautiful redhead. What happened that afternoon was the stuff that even your most seasoned porn star couldn't have expected. This chick is naughty, but oh so good at the same time.